WM Capture

WM Capture 3.1

Captures any video playing on the computer

WM Capture is a software program designed to capture videos playing on the computer from any source such as a website or DVD and convert it to the WMV format.

With WM Capture, you will be able to save all kinds of streaming videos, even from sites where regular video capturing software doesn’t work.

The captured video maintains original picture quality and the images are processed with enough speed to make the resulting video play smoothly.

This program tests the audio and video settings on your computer to make sure it can record audio and video properly. After the tests are done and the settings are properly configured, you will be able to define a portion of the screen (a pop-up video) or full screen to capture.

This can be detected automatically by the program or defined manually by you. After these adjustments are made, the recording can begin. When the recording is over, you will be able to view the captured video from the program itself.

User reviews about WM Capture

  • justjock

    by justjock

    "My Opinion Of This Program"

    I found this program to be all it claimed to be & is easy to download & use. I would recommend it to ...   More.